12 reasons to invest in Veszprém

600,000 inhabitants

  • within 50 km range
  • well-developed industry and – with the adopting up-to-date technologies and methods – qualified labour force speaking foreign languages

8,000 university students, 5,000 students in the secondary schools

  • Veszprém is a centre of education (with 2 universities and 19 secondary schools)
  • The City's strengths the university which is not common at this size. The university offers education in five branches of science, among others engineers, technical professionals, IT professionals, economists
  • High quality and investor friendly vocational education


  • of the total population of Veszprém's has university or college degree, above the country's average


  • of the total population speaks at least one foreign language and almost every students speaks at least one foreign language

33% cheaper wages than in Budapest

  • labour cost is 15% lower than the average in Hungary and 33% lower than in Budapest
  • operational costs is lower than in Budapest or Székesfehérvár


  • lower real estate prices than in Budapest


  • drive from Budapest
  • favourable traffic-geographical location, border crossings with Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia are easily accessed (120-150 km), Budapest and the surrounding regional centres (Győr, Székesfehérvár) are approachable within 1-1.5 hours

3 international airports

  • within 1,5 hour (Budapest, Győr-Pér, Sármellék)

29 Billion HUF (93,8 Million EUR)

  • for local developments until 2020

Most attractive countryside city

  • Progressively developing city with favourable infrastructure, high quality schools and beautiful natural environment


  • handball team in Europe, active sport life, well developed sport infrastructure

10 mins

  • The Lake Balaton, the most famous Hungarian tourist destination

Supportive environment

Local Economy

  • Dynamically growing local industry (industrial production growth by 40% between 2007-2013)
  • Balanced mix of multinational companies and local SMEs (1,42 billion EUR investment landed int he county between 2007-2013)
  • Active, cooperative and innovative SME sector (7000 enterprises are operates in the city).
  • Regional investment incentive are available for at a maximum 35% ratio.
  • The supportive local government and full scale of locally present administration offices ensure the smooth start of your enterprise.

Cost effective location

  • Salary levels averaging at 33% cheaper than Budapest and 15% than the region. With property costs averaging 50% cheaper than in Budapest investors can balance the requirement for a high quality facility with the need to achieve significant cost savings. The city's unique strong and high quality education infrastructure mean that recruitment and training cost remain steady.

Ease of recruitment

  • Thanks to the central position of the city and the well developed transport infrastructure, more than 600,000 people can be reached with ease, enabling companies to rapidly upscale their operations. Veszprem has a one of the largest student population in the region. Its well established and high quality education infrastructure makes the city stand out from other similarly sized cities in the country/region.

Ability to attract and retain staff

  • Veszprem offers an outstanding quality of life with its ideal climate and beatiful, natural environment. Its location is also excellent, with close proximity to the Lake Balaton and the Bakony Hills for recreational activities, while Budapest is only a 90-minute drive away.

High calibre people, affordable cost

Nearly 70% of the city's population, 42,000 people are in working age. The average wage in Veszprém County is significant below the regional and national average, it is 128,663 HUF (414 EUR).

The catchment area of the city's labor market is extends to the whole region. The skill and education level of Veszprem citizens are higher than the country average. 23% has university degree. Veszprém has 2 universities and 11 secondary schools. A broad scale of professions are also available in the city.

73% of the population has at least secondary level qualification while 23% out of which has universiy degree in the city. In Veszprém County, the 64% has secondary and 13% has university degree.

Pannon University

Number of graduates in 2014

Faculty of Business and Economics


Faculty of Engineering


Faculty of Information Technology


Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Science


Sum total


City profile

The most important economic sectors are the machine, electrical, automotive, chemical, food, building, press and furniture industries, with the logistics sector also becoming more and more significant. With approximately 7000 enterprises, the city has a high level of economic development. 61% of the economy is of the service sector, 35% is of industry, 4% of agriculture. The purchasing power of the population is the 4th strongest in Hungary. Housing 3 institutions of higher education, 19 institutions of secondary education and 11 institutions of public education, its educational infrastructure is outstanding. Its most significant institution of higher education is Pannon University. more...


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