Porga Gyula polgármester

Dear Visitor,

As the mayor of Veszprem, I would like to welcome you to our webpage, and encourage you to explore it in depth to gain insight into the life in our buzzing and lively city, Veszprém.

Situated between the Lake Balaton and the Bakony Hills, Veszprám has effectively adapted itself to the challenges of the XXI. century, while also upholding its rich historical heritage, and it has become the leading economical center of the region.

We are proud to say that our city's community is strong and cohesive, but it is also a welcoming one, laying the foundations for Veszprem's longstanding social, environmental and economical sustainability.

We can proudly say that that Veszprem's unemployment rate is below the national average, while the percentage of people with a diploma surpasses every other chief town in the country, thanks to the high standards of local education.

Relying on the available highly qualified workforce and on local cooperations, Veszprém SMEs and multinational coprorations are both operating with outstanding success, carrying out an ever increasing amount of investments, ensuring the stability of the region.

Veszprém city, the capital of Veszprem county is committed to build mutually beneficial relationships with enterprises has recorded these principles in its long term strategy.

I trust that our city's beauty and investment opportunities have awoken your interest, and that we can soon welcome you amongst our partners to share in our successes.

Gyula Porga

City profile

The most important economic sectors are the machine, electrical, automotive, chemical, food, building, press and furniture industries, with the logistics sector also becoming more and more significant. With approximately 7000 enterprises, the city has a high level of economic development. 61% of the economy is of the service sector, 35% is of industry, 4% of agriculture. The purchasing power of the population is the 4th strongest in Hungary. Housing 3 institutions of higher education, 19 institutions of secondary education and 11 institutions of public education, its educational infrastructure is outstanding. Its most significant institution of higher education is Pannon University. more...


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